Uttarakhand Glacier disaster , aftermath …

On 7 February Uttarakhand met with a massive flood which said to have been caused by a glacier breach in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli that  washed away the under-construction Rishiganga hydro project and caused heavy damage to the 530MW Dhauliganga hydel project. The floods also affected the downstream hydro project of NTPC at Tapovan on the river Dhauliganga, which is a tributary of River Alaknanda.The river is said to have been flowing over 13-15m above safe level. 13 villages which are around the affected zone have lost road and power conductivity .It not only caused the damage to the plants but also ended up taking a lot of lives. It has been reported that by the times flood ended almost 175 people were missing.

A multi-agency rescue operation including — Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is being conducted to safely rescue the survivors stuck in the debris and also to recover the bodies of those who lost their lives. Till today’s 8pm around 12 workers have been rescued safely and 26 bodies have been recovered from different places causing the death poll to go upto 35 with around 150 people still missing who are feared to be stuck in the debris of other  tunnels.


A team of scientists and researchers have also reached the affected zone to investigate the cause of flood. Till now only glacier outburst was told to bethe reason but after a large chunk of ice was found in the flood a new theory is being said that states that the flood might have been caused because of the avalanche that happened in the mountains. It is reported that there was heavy snowfall in the mountains on 5th and 6th of Februrary and by 7th the ice started  to melt causing an avalanche which mixed with the rier leading to the excessive rise in water level , the pressure of the water kept on increasing as it flowed and by the time it reached Chamoli it was way over the safe level and thus a flood happened.  Satellite reports show a change in shape of the mountains from where the avalanche is said to have arisen.

Rescue operation

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