UP is an animation movie directed by Pete Docter, released in 2009 by Pixar. The movie is an adventure of an old man Carl, to a place called Paradise falls which he and his wife had been wishing for a long time. But Ellie, his wife falls ill and dies, and he alone, after his retirement plans to go there. He ties up thousands of balloons above his house and begins travelling. During this time, the young Russell who wanted to serve Carl, accidently becomes a part of his journey and the movie goes on how their journey progress.

The movie can be read from different perspectives. One of them is the change of behaviour of old age people when they get enough love and care. It is when Ellie dies, Carl becomes short tempered and when he encounters with Russell and the other characters like the dog and all, the interaction with them makes him feel lovable and he starts taking care of others. More than an adventure story or as a story of a promise which needs to be fulfilled for the loved one, the movie talks about the kind of attention a person needs in his or her life. Everyone needs to make sure that they belong in the right place and they receive the right attention they need.

The movie is like a treat to children to take care of their parents and grandparents and how they need to support them in their hard times.

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