Types of COVID vaccines which are given


Different types of covid vaccines are being given to people all around the world. Here are there versions:

1. Whole Virus Vaccine

In this a dead or a weakend  virus is injected in our body which causes the immune systems to release antibodies . These bodies not only destroy the already dead virus but also prepare and protects our body from any other covid causing virus that might enter us. Since it uses dead virus it doesn’t affect our body cells and is safe.

These Vaccines are Sinopharm and Sinovac.

2. mRNA vaccine

In this mRNA molecules that are created in labs and contains protein similar to those in covid virus are injected in our blood. These mRNA molecules when detected by immune systems trigger a counter attack . The antibodies released not only kill the affected cells but also makes sure that in case in future a covid virus enters our body it attacks and recognizes it pretty fast since it already has its code from mRNA molecules.

Vaccines are Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna

3. Protein submit

In this purified pieces of pathogens are used instead of the whole pathogen body which are injected in our blood. These causes the immune system to trigger a response but since only a small factor of pathogen is there so the response is weaker but strong enough to prepare our body to fight any further covid virus entering our body. It has lesser aftereffect as compared to whole virus vaccines.

Vaccine used is Novavax.

4. Vector

In this a safe and modified version of virus called as Vector is used . This vector contains the code for covid virus and when injected in leads to formation of antigens in large amount . These antigens kill the virus and affected cells along with that they also collect the code from virus so that incase in future a similar virus enters they can immediately trigger right antibodies that can counter and terminate it

Vaccines used are Oxford-AstraZeneca, Sputnik V

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