Tesla is going to setup manufacturing pl …

Tesla is an electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo, Alto. Tesla’s current products include electric cars, battery energy storage from home grid scale, solar panels and solar roof tiles.
Tesla will setup it’s manufacturing plant in the southern indian state of Karnataka.

Advantages of electric vehicles :–
Electric vehicles produces less noise pollution
They makes no air pollution
They have large storage capacity and less travel cost.

what is unique about Tesla :–
It will make a revolution in a new age technology. It is a global brand with the huge market demands, due to its eco friendly nature and luxurious facilities. They use lithium ion battery in their car which is less in weight with long life unlike lead acid or nikel metal hybride batteries which have short life span. It is one of the most luxurious car. Its value of one share is increased to $816 which is equal to 60,000 indian rupees which were in 2016 was $33 which is equal to 2300 indian rupees.

India’s profit :–
Tesla will bring investment and jobs in india, in future Tesla could sell made in india cars in European countries in place of made in china cars. In future Tesla could set up solar rooftops, solar panels and it will also setup research and development unit in bengaluru also. Car price will become cheaper for Indians. It will be a boost for make in India .

Tesla’s plants are only in countries :—
USA, Jermany, Netherlands, China and now in India too.

Tesla is not directly investing in india, but through its Netherlands arm Tesla Dutch. Because of the double taxation facility between India and Netherlands, it will provide benefits in tax to Tesla.

What is attracting Tesla towards India:–
Central government’s scheme FAME-2 Faster Adoption nad Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles scheme via this government will provide incentive of 10,000crore rs to company who will setup their manufacturing plant here in India.
Our state government is like of Karnataka and Maharashtra also attracting by providing land in plum locations.
Our population is also a major factor, they will get here more customers who are unable to buy Tesla because it costs double to us Indians than its real price when imported as a completely built unit into india. They have to pay double due to heavy import duties.


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