Sports and games classes are compulsory in most schools. This is because children need to adjust to hard physical work and not get tired quickly. At first, it’s quite tricky, no matter what sports it is. But slowly, one’s body gets adjusted to the movements, the strokes, the gestures, etc. There are various other pros and cons of sports and games. For example, sports like karate or judo, act as a self-defense mechanism. Girls and boys should learn hand to hand combat so that in case they have to fend for themselves in real life when someone attacks them, they can easily do so.

Our bodies, muscles, and bones are well exercised when we participate in some kind of physical sport, whether it be football, swimming, boxing, or any other sports. It provides us strength and makes us more energetic. For some people, sports is a stress buster and makes their heart and body calm and serene.

In the case of indoor sports and games, it requires a lot of mental effort than physical—games like chess, cards, billiards, etc. You need to think and play. Players need to have a strategy and need to have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations.

Sports and Games not only keep our mind and body healthy, fit, and composed but also acts as a good pass time. You can learn any sports or games during your leisure hours and master it. It’s an excellent form of entertainment too.

Many people in this world are fans of sports, whether it be cricket or baseball. We pay to watch other people playing sports. And we are excited to see them. Sports and Games teach us life lessons outside of the classroom.

It teaches us to trust, loyalty to tackle situations calmly. It teaches us that even if you fail, you should never give up and practice harder to taste sucess.

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