Relaxation of soul with rhythm: Music 🠅

Music 🎢

Music is a vital part of movements in human life. Music spreads happiness and joy in person life. Music is the soul and heart which gives peace to us. As in the words of very renounced writer William Shakespeare β€œIf music is the food of love play on, give me acess of it that surfieting the appetite may sicken and so die.”

Music helps in connecting with our soul or ourselves. Music is the pleasant sound which combines the melodies and harmony which soothes you. Music may also refer the art of composing pleasant sounds with the help of various musical instrument and who so ever person knows or plays a music by various ways is a musician.

Music has the great qualities of healings person emotionally and mentally. Music is not only for entertainment but it is a art form of meditation. When we compose or listen to music ones tends to forget all the worries,sorrows and pains. It has the power to cure the diseases such as anxiety, depression and many more.

The power of music can be testified by the legends all around the world. It also help in improving the concentration. Music and the musician are the essence of life. Everything has rhythm has music. When we breath as a rhythm we can say that their in every human being, living and non living creatures. Music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotions to peole.


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