Music acts one’s way of escape; an escape from ugly reality; escape from one’s emotions.

Music keeps us going, it has its way to make us feel at home, it posses a certain kind of magic to comfort our souls from the purest words we want our inner selves to hear that we could never tell ourselves.

Often we tend to hide behind other people’s words. For introverts like me who are just bad at communicating their real emotions, we thereby try expressing ourselves from the songs we listen to. People who are fond of music definitely have their favorite lines from each song they listen and the songs they relate to, for which they want people to listen and absorb or maybe they want to convey the world that is what their life has been all while.

There are some special songs that just hit home. Special and sacred and that is what “fix you by Coldplay” is for me and for many of you out there.
It is not just a song it is an emotion; an emotion of finding solace. It breaks you; makes you realize how your life has turned out to be; how much it has fallen apart and how far you’ve come; and yet until the end of the song it assures every person out there that there is always light at the end;

So now to all of you out there I want you to write down your favorite lines from your favorite songs, I would love to hear them.

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