Happiness in Music


संगीत, ऐसा आकर्षक शब्द। संगीत सभी के लिए जीवन है। आप शायद दुखी या खुश हैं आप इसे सुनेंगे चाहे आपकी स्थिति या मन की स्थिति कोई भी हो।


Music is omnipresent. Everyone likes music. There are people who hate ice cream but there is no one to claim that they don’t like music. Everyone can create music and everyone can play music. There are different types of music. People like classical, hip hop, jazz, rock and what not. Like people, music also changes in every age. There are numerous instruments which can help us to create and play music. Musicians have different kinds of mindset. They see everything in music like an artist or painter sees everything in painting i.e. whatever they come across they find music in it.


I like all kinds of music. Either it is classical, hip hop or jazz. People’s behaviour can be found if we know what kind of music they hear. In India, we have different sets of music and songs which are particularly fitted for certain festivals and celebrations.


If there is a function in anyone’s house especially in India, we can find that easily because they will start the function with vibrant music. So music plays an important and great role in our life. Even our life is music. Singers used to sing to be specific the lyrics sometimes go with our life.


Likewise music also changes or adds emotions to people in their mind or in their heart.


Listen to a good music and Spend a great time.



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