Motherboard- Heart of Computer

A Motherboard is also known as mainboard, main circuit board, logic board. It is the main Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in general purpose computers. It holds and allows communication between various components of computer such as Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, hard disks, Input / Output devices, etc.
Mainboard describes a device with limited or no expansion capability. Usually, devices have only one board, which manages all the functions.
Motherboard is considered as “Mother” of all the devices attached to a computer. It includes all the devices such as peripherals, sound cards, video cards, network cards, etc. It acts as a backbone for the communication.
The term Logic board is also coined up, which is brand specific by Apple for Macintosh computers.

Components of Motherboard
• Desktops have microprocessor, main memory, and other Input / Output devices connected to the motherboard.
• An important component of motherboard is the microprocessor’s supporting chipset, which act as an interface between Control Processing Unit (CPU) and various external components.
• Additionally, all motherboards include logic and connectors to support external devices.
• They also have slots for expansion cards.
• Non Volatile Memory
• Memory slots into which main memory is to be plugged.
• CPU sockets in which multiple microprocessors may be installed.
• The clock generator that produces the system clock signal.
There are various such components that are being included in motherboard and make the working of a computer proper. Therefore, it is a heart of a device.

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