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Nokia is a brand that is widely known for its build quality. Nokia had launched the power earbud in 2019, this time they have a lite version of it for the Indian market. India has a massive market and each business is trying to get their stock to be swapped in Indian markets. Taking care of the fact that India has a huge market Nokia is also introducing their new earbuds.

How to get these new earbuds, and at what expense they will be accessible?

The sale of the product will be commencing on the 17th of February and anyone can buy them from their official website, or Amazon. Nokia Power Earbuds lite will have the following features.

  • They will come with an IPX7 rating. That means it can rest in the water for 30 minutes up to a depth of one meter
  • A 6mm audio output driver is given to enrich the audio output.
  • The size of the Nokia power Earbuds is 25×23.8x23mm. Which makes it compact and effortless to use.

There many more stimulating features like it can give a battery backup of about 5hrs.

Nokia Power Earbuds lite will be having Bluetooth v5.0. They will be available through online mode. Don’t miss the special offer on the earbuds on their official website.

What will be the Cost?

These Earbuds will be attainable at the price of 3500 Rs only. Analyzing the specification and brand value they are worth the money. Satisfactory quality of audio (according to YouTube reviewers), and great battery vitality. Hope this article is constructive for you.

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