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I don’t know anything detailed about it. Just sharing my experience after attending a webinar. Digital marketing plays a vital role in our life recently. Google workspace is the major tool for digital marketing.


G workspace consists of google docs, gmail, google meet, google forms, google groups, google classroom and whatnot. We can explore digital marketing abundantly through Google workspace.


After the pandemic, our world turns to be a virtual thing. People started doing everything online. People started to have online classes, meetings, exams, quizzes, interviews, and so on.


Since India is getting more and more digitalized. we, people started doing everything online. Shopping, even groceries and medicines can be brought online. People started using their cell phone as their computers because they were easily comfortable and we could do everything. Just an email is enough. We can use our mobile as a computer.


Many students opt for digital science, digital marketing, and digital design for the career options. Many people started to expect jobs or careers from the digital world.


Even though this digital world has negative effects, it also helps people to reduce their burden in terms of work.


So just accept the positive from the digital world and be happy.


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