COCO is Pixar’s animation movie from director of Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich released in the year of 2017. The movie is about a 12 year old boy Miguel who wants to be a musician which is not accepted by his family. He wishes to be a famous singer just like his idol Ernesto De La Cruz and fights to prove his talent. On his way, he reaches the land of the dead and meets Hector, a soul who is weak and from there, he finds his true family legacy and they goes on adventures to find the actual truth.

The movie more about how we need to love our family and how we need to keep them alive by remembering them if after they are dead. The movie shows that the dead people stay alive and healthy in the spirit world only the living remembers them. The existence of the dead is worthless if there is none alive to think about them. Also, the movie brings out the fake figures people have been blindly following but actually are not so talented. Through the character of Hector, we see the hidden talents which weren’t recognised during their lives and how they ended in misery and get tricked and exploited by others.

Other than story, the quality of animation is the best second thing to note while watching the movie. The colourful backgrounds, minute detailing and the appearances of the characters make it more interesting to watch. Most of the dialogues in this children’s movie makes an adult think about the love of their family.


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