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As we all know that in today’s world health and fitness is very important in each individual life. Not only fitness but good health and fitness is something that one can achieve on its own. It depends on our physical environment  the quality of food we intake or we can say our day to day habits also determines our fitness level and the amount of work we do for ourself. The quality of food,air and water which all help us in building our fitness level. The first thing about fitness is to start intake nutritious food. Foods which are very essential for body is protein, vitamin, mineral and charbo hydrate. Proteins helps in building body growth, carbohydrates provide energy to do some task and vitamin & mineral  helps in building the bones of our immune system. But apart from all of this  first we have to understand the reason for which fitness is required. Fitness is required because our lifestyle has changed largely and we are more accustomed to eating. People are not able to maintain their fitness because they intake wrong diet and struggle with many body hurdles. Heals cooked at home are healthier but our work takes us different places . Fitness is totally health and to maintain health, people need to take some nutritious food, some exercise and proper diet to be followed according to dietition. If some hurdles occur in the body of a person then it can destroy the health which is maintained by a person.

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