Are You Playing the Video Games or is it …

The fame of video games and their ability to indulge gamers, the participation of gamers in playing video games has led to a dramatic shift in the video game industry from entertainment to most other areas of gaming. Examples of these areas are education, entertainment, and promotion of social relations. Some studies have found that there is a correlation between video games and player behavior. However, there are other studies that deny this relationship.
Video games are defined as interactive electronic games whose main purpose is to entertain players. Video games allow players to access 2D or 3D virtual environments under the specific rules and conditions of different games. Each video game has different characteristics from other video games, which makes some of them more popular than others. There are many types of video games in the world, such as action, adventure, fighting, platforming, racing, role-playing, shooting, simulation, sports, and strategy. The introduction and advancement of technology has provided us with many valuable tools and resources; however, it also has the ability to have a negative impact on our younger generation.
However, video games have often had a very discouraging effect on the players. The 2018 WHO draft of the 11th edition of the ICD11 describes this disorder as a “digital game” or “video game” behavior pattern characterized by poor control of gaming activities and an increased emphasis on games rather than of other activities, so that the game takes precedence over other interests and daily activities and, despite the negative consequences, the continuation or updating of the game.
For gaming disorders to be diagnosed, the WHO standards require that the behavior patterns of the players be severe enough that there is significant and obvious damage and impairment in the personal, family, social, educational and professional areas or other important functional areas. There is widespread concern that violent video games may promote aggression or reduce player empathy. Given the popularity of these games, their psychological impact is an urgent issue for society as a whole. The negative psychological impact of video games is the biggest concern of video game critics, so let’s take a look at it first
Research shows that approximately 39% of children who have never played violent video games have not participated in any form of violence. “Most research projects on the true impact of media brutality on children’s behavior include small samples, usually unrepresentative samples and unique examples of media violence” (Dietz, 1998). Most of the negative effects of video games stem from the violence they contain. At that time, video game players tended to exhibit behavior problems, behave more actively, lose interest in school more than players who play games for less than 3 hours a day.
Self-report data (including youth self-report) and game data are used to assess behavioral and emotional problems based on internal and external problems. A large-scale survey of Norwegian teenagers showed that video game addiction is positively correlated with internal player behavior problems, such as depression and behavior problems. In addition, the negative experience that gamers can experience in video games can be closely related to certain similar problems in real life.
I will conclude by suggesting Four quick tips for healthy gaming –
1. Actual work. While the World Health Organization suggests 150 minutes of actual work seven days, not every person can arrive. Start little in the event that you need to. Basic strolls each day are an incredible spot to begin.
2.Limit the measure of blue light you’re presented to before you hit the hay. Blue light tends to wreck your capacity to rest around evening time. Our regular hardware are the greatest makers of blue light. Numerous PCs and telephones currently have modes that will diminish the measure of blue light the gadgets put out during the evening time hours. Utilize these highlights.
3. Attempt to keep a set timetable. This, more than anything, will probably assist you with keeping a sound way of life. Proficient esports associations know the force of this and keep their players on severe timetables. That implies you don’t keep awake till 4AM on Friday since you don’t need to go to work the following day.
4. Stretching routinely is something imperative to do on the off chance that you go the entire day at the PC. It’s not difficult to simply line up for the following game and totally disregard extending. All things being equal, after two games take a speedy five to ten-minute split and stand up and stretch. Since you’re gaming, try to do some hand, arm, and wrist extends, as well.
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