An exponential increase in The Weeknd&#8 …

One of the greatest pop artist popularly known for his exceptional vocal abilities, The Weeknd’s streams have risen exponentially after his massive super Bowl half time concert. He had expressed his all-time prominent singles like, I can’t feel my face with his new album songs, Blinding Lights from After hours.

What is Super Bowl Half time show why this is so important?

This is a tradition that in between the halftime of Superbowl there is an appearance of Hollywood stars. They perform to entertain the people. As time passed it got more and more organized and systematic that its importance increases with each year. Nowadays it is fully like a tour of the celebrity so much crowd and gratitude all over the world is a chief concern for the star.


List of some most memorable Super Bowl Halftime Show.

  • 1993- Michael Jackson.
  • 2002- U2 (band)

In recent

  • Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Cold Play together performed in 2016
  • Katy Perry and many more legendary singers have shown their talent from the stage.

This is a great way to get a record hike on the star’s views, shows, and selling of records. After the Super Bowl, half time shows almost every time the singer’s views on youtube increase tremendously and that’s what we have seen, after Weeknd’s half time performance.

His views increased by about 41 percent according to the billboard. This was the 55th super bowl performance.

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