If you are having an old laptop with windows installed and that keeps on hanging and lagging but you aren’t in a condition to buy a new and faster one, here are 5 alternative Linux software that can boost up laptops and have helped millions of users worldwide:-


Founded by Mario Behling and grown over years by Julien Lavergne, LUBUNTU was created as a variant of Ubuntu but is lighter is less resource-hungry, and more energy-efficient by using LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) as its default GUI. For those who are still using old laptops and are having trouble with the old version of Windows like XP since their laptop is like an old car which is unable to cope up with the amount of resource they require, it can act as a better replacement since it is faster, stable, and secure as compared to Windows XP and also for those who are into coding and programming, LUBUNTU is a game-changer for them. It comes with pre-installed lightweight applications like:

  • xfce4-task manager
  • Parcellite
  • Hard info
  • Osmo: for managing event, calendar
  • Language selector
  • Software-properties(gtk)

The latest version of lubuntu (v20.10) was released on 22 Oct 2020.

Minimum Pc requirements for LUBUNTU:

CPU: Pentium II or Celeron system

RAM: 128 MB



Founded by Jerry Bezenco and released in the year “2013”, Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly Linux distribution and is powered by a customized XFCE desktop. It is as secure as any other core operating system but with an advantage to run effectively on any modest hardware and yet retains its user’s friendly awesomeness. It is really easy to install and update and was made to clear the myths that Linux is tough to use. the latest version of Linux lite provides you with a lot of applications installed in it like

  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird,
  • LibreOffice
  • Gimp
  • a full office Suit
  • Gnome paint
  • Media players

and apart from these, there is a help section that overhauled with many topics and solutions in case you get stuck while using it. Considering the fact that it comes up with so many perks and also there are guides and solutions in case you have a query, it is definitely a really good package with very less requirements. the latest version of Linux Lite (v5.2) was released on 1Nov 2020.

Minimum PC requirements for Linux Lite:

CPU: 1Ghz processor

RAM: 768MB



Founded by Barry Kauler and released in the year “2003”, Puppy Linux is a totally lightweight desktop distribution that is easy to use and can easily run on the very low ram. It comes with applications like AbiWord, M player, and very lightweight browsers. It is just likes name Puppy that is it’s small but fast and efficient enough to carry out useful processes easily where older versions of windows get stuck. It is a great distro for an old computer as it comes with a very simple interface. You can even save your settings and files for Puppy on the external device/media. It is even more secure than UBUNTU. There are multiple variations of puppies available like

  • Lucid puppy
  • Slacko puppy
  • Racy puppy
  • Wary puppy

It’s up to you which one you want to pet depending on your needs and requirements. The latest version of Puppy Linux (v9.5) was released on 21 Sept 2020.

Minimum PC requirements for Puppy Linux:

CPU: Pentium 900Mhz

RAM: 300MB



Built directly on Debian stable, Anti Linux comes with the solid operating system and is efficient for old laptops. It is superfast even if you run it on Virtual Box. Not only It provides cutting edge kernels and applications it also comes with a lightweight ICEWM windows manager which is very suitable for low-end pc. Updates are easy to install and run. ANTIX comes up with customized tools that make configuring and working on it easier. These include

  • ANTIX user manager                                           
  • Chroot rescue scan
  • CLI Apt-based package manager
  • Command-line control center
  • Format USB
  • Ice WM toolbar icon manager
  • ISO Snapshot
  • Live-USB Kernel Updater
  • Live USB Maker
  • Personal Menu Editor

The latest version of ANTIX Linux (v19.3) was released on 16Oct 2020.

Minimum PC requirements for ANTIX Linux:

CPU: Pentium II

RAM: 256MB




Created in the year “2004” by the GNU project under Richard Stallman and officially released in “2007”, It is a completely free software operating system that is derived from another distribution UBUNTU. It comes up with the LXDE environment and lightweight X windows. It was specifically built for low-end pc and was widely used by home users, small enterprises, and educational centers because of its user-friendly interface. You can even run it as a live CD just for testing as it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

It comes with pre-installed applications that are there to improve the working efficiency of TRISQUEL like the following:

  • Pidgin IM
  • LibreOffice
  • office suite
  • GIMP image editor
  • Transmission BitTorrent client
  • Electrum Bitcoin wallet
  • VLC media player
  • Rhythm box music player
  • Ice dove email client
  • Life rea RSS client,

The latest version of TRISQUEL LINUX (v9.0) was released on 16Oct 2020

Minimum PC requirements for TRISQUEL LINUX:

CPU: Intel Pentium II and AMD K6 processor

RAM: 128MB (32bit) & 256MB (64bit)



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